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SEC alters fall football camp plan

The SEC makes more adjustments to its plan for fall football.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

The SEC has already made several big changes to its fall football schedule, and they’re not finished.

According to SI reporter Ross Dellenger, the SEC will delay the start of fall camp to August 17th. The hope is this new plan will allow more flexibility to work around the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across America and threatening to cancel fall sports altogether.

The conference office has approved a new preseason plan that delays practice deeper into August. As part of the plan, teams can practice 25 times over a 40-day period beginning on Aug. 17, sources tell Sports Illustrated. During that time, schools must adhere to the NCAA’s normal in-season football access time of 20 countable hours a week. Two days off each week are required. The new preseason plan expands the SEC’s practice window by 11 days, providing flexibility for more off days and potential COVID-19 related interruptions.

Last week, the SEC announced it would begin its season the week of Sept. 26th and feature just 10 games, all of which are conference-only. So it’s no surprise to see the league starting fall camp later than normal since the start of regular-season play was delayed three weeks.

The report also states that the SEC is allowing coaches to continue the current 20-hour per week model until Friday. But from Friday through August 16th, teams will be restricted to 11 hours a week of football or workout-related events, as well as three extra hours for non-football related meetings.

Hopefully, this plans helps the SEC keeps all of its players and coaches safe from the coronavirus, but it’s getting harder and harder to see a full season being played if things don’t change around America.

Be sure to read the entire report here.