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UK Basketball calls on fans to support Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter.


America is in the midst of a crisis, not only because of the coronavirus, but the racial injustices being committed throughout our nation.

Granted, these racial crimes are sadly nothing new, but a new level of awareness is being brought to them, largely through athletes from collegiate and professional sports bringing attention to the horrific acts being done do African Americans.

One of the most common ways this has been accomplished is the Black Lives Matter movement, which you can read more about here.

Now, the Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team is asking fans to support this movement to stop the racial injustices that continue to happen far too often to far too many people. They released a video on Twitter that includes statements from the entire team, as well as head coach John Calipari.

“We ask you to join us. Black Lives Matter,” the team stated in unity.

Let’s be the change.