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NCAA trademarks “Battle in the Bubble”

College basketball in the bubble is looking likely.

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Jacksonville Practice Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

With the the NCAA mulling over ideas to get college basketball up and running on a semi-normal schedule, the NCAA may have given us an idea of what they might be trying to do.

According to Darren Rovell of the Action Network, the NCAA has filed a trademark for “Battle in the Bubble” with intent to use for tournaments as well as clothing and merchandise.

This seems to be the trend of a lot of sports during coronavirus, as having an isolated bubble is really the only feasible way to have a sports season, and with the NBA’s success in the Orlando bubble, others have noticed and are following suit.

The question still remains if the NCAA will go for a regional bubble route, or just throw the top teams in one bubble for an out-of-conference schedule prior to their full slate of SEC games.

Either way, it seems like the bubble is looking more and more likely.