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Terry Wilson says he has “a lot to think about”

Wilson is expected to become a new father within the next few weeks.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

College football players have the ability to opt out of the 2020 season and keep their year of eligibility.

So far, there have only been a handful of players that have decided to take that route, but it appears that Terry Wilson may be considering sitting out the 2020 season.

Last week, Wilson expressed concerns over the 2020 season due to the fact that he is expecting to be a new father within the next few weeks.

Wilson still feels like the University of Kentucky is doing a good job with the protocols put in place to keep the athletes safe during the coronavirus.

“At the facility, they’re doing a good job of keeping us bubbled and making sure that we’re following the protocols and doing what we need to do, wearing our masks, hand-sanitizing, and taking the temperature before every workout.”

Despite the measures to keep everyone safe, Wilson still has concerns over the situation and its understandable considering he is about to become a father.

On Monday, Wilson took to Twitter and seemed to suggest that he is still trying to decide whether or not he will be taking the field for the 2020 season.

Wilson did note that he is hungry for the season, “We’re all adjusting, but we’re really hungry for this season,” he said. “It’s like, why would this have to happen right now? This is the season we’ve all been wanting, everybody’s back and we’re ready to go.”

Hopefully when the season starts this September, we are able to see Wilson take the field for what could be a special season for the Kentucky Wildcats.