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TCU LB alleges coach Gary Patterson used a racial slur; team refused to practice

Gary Patterson has been accused of using racial slurs, according to a TCU linebacker.

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TCU Horned Frogs linebacker, Dylan Jordan, dropped a stunning revelation on Monday afternoon, alleging that Horned Frogs head coach, Gary Patterson, used racial slurs.

Jordan said that he and the rest of his teammates refused to practice Monday morning.

Here is an excerpt of Jordan’s statement:

This past Sunday was our third practice of fall camp. Coach Patterson called me out for posting my [girlfriend] on national girlfriend day in front of the defense. As practice moved on, he approached me and I told him “you should’ve just asked me about it.” He then said “you’re a f**king brat, I’ll send you back to Pitt.” I said “for what? I ain’t did nothing.” He followed with “you’ve been saying n****** in the meeting room.”

This morning, I show up for practice and multiple players approached me and asked if it was true. I told them yes and how everything happened. We refused to go to practice this morning and he came to the locker room and said “I wasn’t calling him a n*****.” This behavior is is not okay, now or ever, and there needs to be repercussions to these actions.

However, a fellow TCU tight end, Artayvious Lynn, alleges that it went down differently, and that Jordan has overblown the interaction.

Lynn also said that the team decided not to practice to talk about “ways to move forward.”

And more TCU players seem to be on Lynn’s side, saying that Patterson did not use a racial slur towards any of his players.

So it seems we have conflicting reports regarding Gary Patterson.