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Saturday Quickies: Rupp Arena Controversy Edition

The debate on whether or not to change the name of Rupp Arena has been renewed.

Keion Brooks made national headlines yesterday when he suggested that Rupp Arena should have it’s name change. Brooks did admit that he needed to further his education about Adolph Rupp but he understood some of the negative connotations that are associated with the Hall of Fame coach.

Of course, as what happens usually, some Kentucky fans took to social media to rip into Keion Brooks over his comments. This came a day after Mark Stoops and the football team led a walk off during practice. Once again, social media wasn’t kind to Kentucky coaches or players.

John Calipari didn’t remain silent on the subject. He defended his player, as well he should have, and explained things from a different perspective. I’ll let Calipari speak for himself.

I don’t think this could have been addressed any better. John Calipari is correct when he says that people can disagree without being mean and ugly. For some reason that’s almost completely lost in the space of civil discourse.

Secondly, I think it’s important that Calipari presents another side of Rupp to Keion Brooks and his teammates by letting them speak to players that played for Rupp.

This is how contentious topics are handled. With compassion, understanding, and the willingness to listen to an opposing opinion without being hostile.

Tweets of the Day

No. The B1G tried to big time college football instead of working with college football and the PAC 12 followed like a lapdog. They’re on their own without bowls and the Playoffs.

Kentucky fans are not unique in this but yes the players see these comments.


SEC issues new guidelines for football games | UK Athletics- Limiting personnel on the field is a primary goal here.

Ranking home field advantage in the Age of COVID | Saturdays Down South- Kentucky ranks pretty low on the list and it’s understandable.

Luke Fortner and Josh Paschal address media | Vaught’s views- The players discussed why the time was right for them to make a statement.

New Top 25 and 1 | CBS- Gary Parrish compiled the ranking without taking Olivier Sarr into consideration. I’m sure things will change if/when he’s granted a waiver.

NBA to resume play today | ESPN- After two days of boycotting games due to social unrest, the NBA will return to play today. Many people weren’t happy with the decision not to play and I wonder how it will affect the viewing audience, if at all.

College football opening week | Sporting News- The first college football game of the season is on September 3rd as UAB hosts Central Arkansas. The ratings are going to be enormous. There will be games on all day the following Saturday.

Chadwick Boseman’s death stuns sports stars, leagues | Fox News- The actor was most famous for the lead role in the Marvel blockbuster Black Panther. Boseman also played legendary sports/civil rights figure Jackie Robinson in the movie 42.

It was stunning news that dropped out of nowhere last night. RIP Chadwick.