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Kentucky Dad Pod with Hayley Minogue

It’s a Mom takeover!

Hayley and Jackson

The Kentucky Dad Pod had the pleasure of welcoming our first ever Mom as a guest on this week’s episode.

WHAS news anchor and Bad-A** Mom, Hayley Minogue, joined me to provide a motherly perspective and keep us Dads honest.

Like many members of the media that are from the Commonwealth, Hayley is a graduate of the University of Kentucky School of Journalism.

She’s worked in the fast paced news industry in several different locations since graduating from UK back in 2014. You may recognize her name because Hayley actually wrote about UK Women’s hoops for Kentucky Sports Radio during her time in college. Go Cats!

She began her news anchoring career in Hazard, Kentucky before heading to the Gulf Coast area near Mobile, AL. But like many, she was called back to her Old Kentucky Home.

This episode produced one of the more powerful moments since its inception when Hayley courageously told the story of moving across the country with her 3 week old son, Jackson.

Relocating allowed her to lessen the proximity of the great support system that she has in Louisville and get a fresh start.

While talking to Hayley there was a consistent theme of overcoming obstacles that will inspire all parents, especially single Moms.

At one point while working in Hazard, Hayley made the point to mention that she “barely had two bucks to her name” — but due to hard work and dedication she is now a happy homeowner.

As far as her career goes, Hayley’s approach to her job is centered around truly caring for the community and wanting to accurately tell the stories of local residents. It’s not just “reading these news” or “A job” to her. She genuinely loves what she does and it was made clear that she wants to be excel at it. Showing up as the best version of herself is of critical importance to Hayley whenever she is on air telling stories. In shocking news to me, she may be the only person in the news who doesn’t drink coffee!

You can imagine all of the depressing topics that she’s surrounded with while at work, so we discussed her strategy to not bring that burden home to Jackson.

As a self-proclaimed aviation nerd, Hayley surprised me a little bit with her families TV watching habits. She’s already passed down her love for airplanes to her son. Instead of painfully viewing Moana one thousand times (like my family) the two of them usually snuggle-up for an air show on TV before bed.

Before we recorded the podcast Hayley and I were on the same page about swapping Dad jokes for Mom jokes this week! Are Mom jokes a thing? Google says they are, so they are.

But oh man, was I floored when she busted out a “Yo Mama” joke! I can’t say enough kind words about how cool she is for proactively doing that. Although, she did kind of scold me for liking fish sticks and had no opinion on Tim “The Toolman” Taylor — but other than that we had a lot of fun!

If you’re not a current WHAS 11 viewer you may change your mind after hearing this one.


  • Hayley Minogue’s background
  • TV MOMs
  • Challenges of working in the news industry
  • Coffee/Soda/Alcohol
  • Aviation lover
  • Covid-Coping
  • Future plans

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