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John Calipari comments on Keion Brooks’ Rupp Arena remarks

Calipari plans to get former players on a Zoom call with current Wildcats so they can talk about Adolph Rupp.

Kentucky Wildcats v Lamar Cardinals Photo by Bryan Woolston/Getty Images

Keion Brooks Jr. recently said that he would support a name change of Rupp Arena, and of course, that did not sit well with some fans.

In light of the Kentucky football team canceling their practice to protest racial injustice and equality, Brooks spoke out about the potential name change to Rupp Arena due to Adolph Rupp’s supposed racist past.

John Calipari commented on Brooks:

#BBN, I know some of you are upset with @KeionB_12’s comments regarding @Rupp_Arena. Let me tell you he’s a very smart person and a very conscientious young man. However you feel about what he said, my hope is you show him the respect that all of our/your players deserve.

My job is to make sure all of our players are educated on all that goes along with Coach Rupp’s name and we are going to walk through that. My plan is to get former players on a Zoom with our current guys so they can ask those players directly about Coach Rupp.

My focus has been on everything going forward, which is why we hadn’t addressed it. As I’ve said before, give these players the benefit of the doubt. If you’re unhappy w/anything, be unhappy with me, not a 19-year-old who is walking through these difficult times. I love you all.

It’s no surprise that Calipari is coming to bat for his player, as he always has done. I love the idea of a Zoom call with current and former players speaking about Adolph Rupp and everyone listening to each others’ opinion, like we all should do.

However you feel about the potential name change of Rupp Arena or the football team canceling ONE practice to protest racial injustice, respect their opinions, much as they would respect yours.

These are young African-American men who are hurting and want to see a change in the brutal world that we live in. If you won’t support them in their fight against racial injustice and equality for all, don’t support them when they’re on the field or court. It’s as simple as that.