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Legendary coach Lute Olson passes away

RIP to a college basketball legend.

Lute Olson

Former Arizona Wildcats coach Lute Olsen passed away at the age of 85 on Thursday.

Olson, who was a rumored candidate to replace Eddie Sutton back in 1989 at Kentucky, and some of whom say he was a very nearly took the job, brought Arizona to national prominence during his tenure there before retiring in 2007.

Olson brought Arizona to five Final Fours and one National Championship.

Of course, Kentucky fans remember Olson for his 1997 National Championship win over the Wildcats with a two-headed monster of Mike Bibby and Miles Simon.

Olson coached a plethora of NBA superstars in his time at Arizona such as Gilbert Arenas, Richard Jefferson, Mike Bibby, Steve Kerr, Channing Frye, and Andre Iguodala to name a few.

The college basketball world lost a legendary coach for this second time this year, as former Kentucky and Oklahoma State coach Eddie Sutton passed away earlier in the year.

Rest in Peace to a true legend of the game.