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Kentucky Football team walks out of Thursday practice; UK issues statement

The football Cats are looking to “promote their influence and be a part of effective change.”

Stoops Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue


A UK spokesman has issued the following statement:

“I can confirm the Kentucky Football team decided to leave the practice field and are meeting right now to discuss more ways to promote their influence and be a part of effective change.”

In addition, Matt Jones has announced Mark Stoops will be on Friday morning’s edition of KSR. It’s safe to assume Stoops will discuss today’s walk-out and the message his team is sending.

The Kentucky Wildcats football team is opting out of Thursday’s practice, according to KSR’s Matt Jones.

This comes on the heels of NBA players boycotting playoff games on Wednesday, which was followed by several NFL teams boycotting practice on Thursday.

The boycotts have been to protest racial injustice in America, specifically a Black man named Jacob Blake being shot seven times in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday.

This all began Wednesday when the Milwaukee Bucks refused to play the Orlando Magic in both teams’ first-round NBA playoff series. The other two games scheduled for that day were later canceled.

Then today, NFL teams began taking part, as the Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans Green Bay Packers are among clubs who have canceled Thursday practices.

Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops has been very vocal about his support for his players and the Black Lives Matter movement, so I would venture to guess he fully supports what his players are doing today.

We will update this story as more details come out...