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Former Wildcat Jon Toth signed by the Cleveland Browns

Toth will be entering his first official season in the NFL.

Kentucky v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

A former stud on the Kentucky Wildcats’ offensive line may finally be getting a real shot in the NFL.

Jon Toth was a center for the Wildcats from 2012-16 and took over the starting job as a sophomore in 2014.

After his senior season, when he was an All-SEC selection, Toth went undrafted, partly due to a pre-draft injury he didn’t recover from until the summer that year. He later found himself on the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad (2017-18), then on the practice squad of the New York Jets (2018).

In 2019, Toth was selected as the 25th pick among offensive linemen in the second phase of the XFL Draft being picked by the DC Defenders. He was the 4th center to be taken.

Now heading into the 2020-21 season, Toth has been signed by the Cleveland Browns, the team announced Thursday, and will enter his first official season in the NFL.

It hasn’t been the start many envisioned for Toth in the NFL, but hopefully this is the start of a successful career for the former Kentucky star.