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Terry Wilson will not utilize extra season of eligibility

Wilson is looking likely to leave after this season, no matter what.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Last week, the NCAA made the decision to give fall sport student-athletes an extra year of eligibility even if they do decide to play their respective season due to coronavirus.

But, if you were hoping that Kentucky quarterback Terry Wilson might stay an extra year for the Wildcats, you might be out of luck.

Wilson joined Shawn Smith’s Kentucky Daily podcast and was asked about the matter:

“I would hope [the NCAA] would do that for guys,” Wilson said on Kentucky Daily. “As for me, this is the last ride, my last year. But I honestly think it was a good decision for them because there are guys who are freshmen and sophomores who don’t want to lose that year of eligibility, so I feel like it’s a good thing.”

It sounds like Wilson is ready to begin his post-college career to he can start making a living and supporting his family. He’s expected to be become a father soon.

The bad news is that Wilson will be leaving after this season, but the good news for Kentucky is that they are loaded at the quarterback position for years to come, with Auburn transfer Joey Gatewood and four-star Lexington Catholic quarterback Beau Allen already impressing in practice. Gatewood and Allen are expected to be battling out for the position next season.

Here’s to hoping the last ride for Wilson is a special one.