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Thursday Quickies: NBA Season in Jeopardy (?) Edition

The NBA season could be coming to a screeching halt

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Portland Trail Blazers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a day where the sports world seemingly stopped, beginning with the NBA as the Milwaukee Bucks decided to boycott playing in Game 5 against the Orlando Magic, triggering a spiral of events that led to the league postponing each of the games yesterday and other sports postponing games as well.

The moves were in response to the officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

And now, it seems, the NBA bubble may be coming to an end.

Reports came out last night that players held meetings and the Lakers and Clippers supported ending the NBA season and leaving the bubble, while it seemed some other teams may not be ready to take that step.

A lot of reports and rumors began swirling last night about the meeting and the strong emotions that were part of it. As of now, it seems no decisions have been confirmed and more meetings are scheduled today to determine how the league may move forward and if the season will continue.

As with many things NBA, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski provides a great look at the situation on his Twitter account, so you can follow along there to get more updates as the situation progresses.

One has to wonder if the NBA ultimately does cancel the rest of the season, could other sports leagues follow the same path much like what happened at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic?

It remains to be seen, but will be a situation to keep an eye on today.

Tweet of the Day

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Decisions could be made today.

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I don’t know how Will Wade is still the coach.