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Sunday Quickies: Bryce Hopkins Watch Edition

Kentucky seems to be in a good spot with the rising forward

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Kentucky picked up a commitment from 2021 point guard Nolan Hickman yesterday, and the possibility exists that Kentucky could add another piece to the 2021 class in the near future.

That piece could come in the form of 6’7” forward Bryce Hopkins, who recently decommitted from Louisville.

Hopkins has been on Kentucky’s radar since the decommitment and according to Kentucky Sports Radio’s Jack Pilgrim, Hopkins picked up an offer from the Wildcats which ultimately should come as no surprise.

According to his father, the Kentucky coaches really love the versatility that Hopkins can provide on the floor.

“They like his game a lot, the versatility, his strength, being strong down in the post,” said Hopkins. “Being able to post, come back out on the perimeter, they love his versatility. They didn’t really go into [how they’d use him], but Coach Cal, he puts players out there. That’s the type of player he recruits, position-less players. They say he’ll just get it done. If they need to use three guards, they use three guards. If they need two wings, they use two wings. They just put players on the floor that can make plays, and they think Bryce can do that for them.”

What initially seemed like a time-table of 4-6 weeks for a decision might have changed, and a decision from Hopkins could potentially come sooner.

“You know what? I think we will probably sit down this weekend as a family with his coaching staff at MoKan and put our minds together, come up with a plan,” said Hopkins. “At this point, it’s no rush right now. It’s totally up to Bryce. We’ll sit down and go over everything.”

If a decision comes soon, it has to be good news for Kentucky, so Hopkins is definitely a name to keep an eye on moving forward.

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