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Drake Jackson and Max Duffy react to extra year of eligibility

Max Duffy and Drake Jackson weigh in on the new rule.

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In what has already been a wild year for college football next year could be even wilder. Friday afternoon, the NCAA approved an extra year of eligibility for fall sport athletes.

Not to wild right? Well what if I told you that also extended to players that conferences actually play football this year? Well it does and it could make the 2021 season a tad bit wacky.

Max Duffy and Drake Jackson took a few minutes on Saturday to talk about it.

“You might have to call me Dr. Duffy by this time next year,” Duffy said on Saturday. “That would be pretty nice. I don’t know if they’d announce that over the big screen when they’re announcing the teams but I’d make sure they do.”

Duffy later went on to say that we shouldn’t expect to see him back for another season, as it’s time to step away.

Drake though really didn’t tip his hand as much.

“I think it’s a great decision what the (NCAA) is doing,” Jackson said. “Of course there’s going to be a lot involved. Everyone’s situation is different. You just look at our senior class and my situation is different than Boogie (Watson), Landon (Young), Terry (Wilson), AJ (Rose). All those guys. I think giving us the option to do that was the right decision because it has been such a strange year. But in terms of personally, I’m never one to think very far ahead. I’m focused on practice on Monday.”

This begs the question; what will we see next year with this rule now in play?

A big question is how will we see funding from the schools, especially after taking a huge financial blow from this year.

But for our Cats another big question mark, I think we see is what would the transfer market look like?

Now obviously with 17 scholarship seniors on the roster, we wouldn’t be seeing them all return due to going pro or other reasons. But what if we see 8-10 that do? And with this new rule if a senior opts to use his extra year, he doesn’t could towards the 85-man limit. Do we start to see 2nd and 3rd string guys opt to leave? Especially with the one-time transfer rule that’s suppose to be in effect by next fall do guys start looking elsewhere for faster playing time.

Just like any well-run college football program, attrition on the roster is a dance and one that can be hard to master. Seeing how the staff handles that while still recruiting at a high level is one that could be interesting to keep an eye on.

Obviously we are talking about this a month before the season. Things can change in a heartbeat. We might see 2 games played and the season cancelled and see everyone return. Or we could see them play all 10 games and them all leave like normal.

As we have seen the worse case scenario happen in the Big Ten and the Pac-12, whatever happens for our Cats I’m glad to see the NCAA due the right thing and give the players the option to take it if needed.