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Brandon Boston sheds hand cast

It looks like Kentucky’s star wing is healthy again.

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL: JAN 18 Spalding Hoophall Classic Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Earlier this week, there was a concern in Big Blue Nation about the health of freshman wing Brandon Boston. He was apparently wearing a cast on his left hand, which was reportedly, “nothing major.”

It seems that report was correct, as it appears that cast is no longer being worn. John Calipari tweeted a team photo of his players registering to submit absentee ballots for the November election, and in that photo you can clearly see Boston on the back left holding a form in his left hand, which has no cast.

To emphasize the point, Shawn Smith of Go Big Blue Country tweeted a zoomed in photo of Boston without a cast.

The staff at Kentucky did not seem to be worried about the injury to Boston’s hand. But, of course, the staff often downplays injuries of their players. So it is great to see that Boston is not confined to a cast and is likely still able to work to prepare for the upcoming season.

John Calipari has been high on his team in the press, and according to many, Boston is “the guy” that will lead this team as far as they may go. So his health is of very high importance, and it is good to see that his hand injury does not look very serious.

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