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Power 5 conferences could be staging their own championships this fall

“If I were Mark Emmert, I would be really worried about it.”

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Stadium Views John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Could the Power 5 conference schools be holding their own championships this fall due to the coronavirus?

That seems to be the backup option as of right now, according to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated.

Power 5 conference leaders have begun discussing the possibility of of having their own fall championships in case the NCAA Board of Governors decides to cancel or postpone fall sport championships.

In recent days, Power 5 conference officials began seeking feedback from their members about the feasibility of staging their own championships during the fall, sources told SI. When asked if such a move away from the NCAA championship structure could be seen as a precedent-setting rift between the national governing body of college sports and the Power 5, one athletic director said, “If I were (NCAA president Mark) Emmert, I’d be really worried about it. He’s got to keep the Power 5 together.”

This is the Power 5 conferences basically putting their foot down and saying ‘we don’t need the NCAA and Mark Emmert.’

And to be fair, they don’t. The Power 5 itself is the driving force behind all successful college football and basketball, and hosting their own fall championships represents the independence that the Power 5 conferences has over every other conference.

One Power 5 Athletic Director even said ”I think this is representative of the poor relationship between the (NCAA) national office and our conferences.”

Now, this is all just a mere backup plan at this point, but it’s also a very possible backup plan if the NCAA Board of Governors decides to axe fall championships. The Power 5 is big enough and powerful enough to put on their own championships, whether or not they officially count or not.

Is this a good idea? Do you see this working? Let us know.