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Kentucky Basketball adding another new assistant?

‘Big eye emoji.’

Drew Brown - Sea of Blue


Looks like it’s Texas Longhorns assistant Jai Lucas.

The buzz is building that Kentucky basketball will be making another move with its coaching staff.

WDRB reporter Rick Bozich says that he’s hearing one more move will be made regarding Kentucky's staff. The Athletic reporter Kyle Tucker suggests it’s a new addition being made.

Currently, John Calipari’s staff is set to include Tony Barbee, Joel Justus and Bruiser Flint for the 2020-21 college hoops season. Perhaps Calipari thinks it’s time to make another addition to spice things up on the recruiting trail.

Being that this is Kentucky, I’d imagine a lot of great assistants around college basketball would be willing to join Calipari’s staff, especially after seeing how much Kentucky was willing to pay Kenny Payne.

If nothing else, Kentucky needs to make a splash to replace what’s being lost by Payne’s departure to the Knicks. He made a major impact on the recruiting trail for Kentucky, and Bruiser Flint, while he sounds like a great developmental coach, is also 55 years old and hasn’t had the greatest track record in recruiting.

Who would you like to see added to Kentucky’s coaching staff? Let’s have some fun with this in the comments section!