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Odds to win SEC and win totals for league

See where the Wildcats stand in the over/under for wins in the SEC this season, as well as the odds to win the SEC Championship.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats’ 2020 schedule was finalized Monday night, and we now have odds to win the league, as well as win totals via

Kentucky’s over/under for wins has been set at a modest five victories, the eighth-best in the SEC.

In addition, the Wildcats have given +10000 odds to win the 2020 SEC Championship, which is tied with Ole Miss for the ninth-best odds and behind Mississippi State and Tennessee at +8000.

Looking at Kentucky’s schedule, it’s easy to see why five wins is their projected over/under. They should be favored vs. Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, South Carolina and Mississippi State. They might be favored at Missouri, while at Tennessee should be a swing game that could easily go either way.

The Wildcats need five wins from that group to become bowl eligible, but if there’s a few slip-ups, they’ll have to win one game from a challenging group of at Alabama, at Auburn, at Florida, and at home vs. Georgia.

SEC win totals

Odds to win 2020 SEC Championship

  • Alabama -130
  • Georgia +250
  • Florida +550
  • LSU +650
  • Texas A&M +1200
  • Auburn +1400
  • Mississippi State +8000
  • Tennessee +8000
  • Kentucky +10000
  • Ole Miss +10000
  • Missouri +12500
  • South Carolina +12500
  • Vanderbilt +25000
  • Arkansas +50000

Odds to win SEC East

  • Georgia -140
  • Florida +100
  • Tennessee +1400
  • Kentucky +1600
  • Missouri +2500
  • South Carolina +2500
  • Vanderbilt +5000

Odds to win SEC West

  • Alabama -240
  • LSU +300
  • Auburn +600
  • Texas A&M +900
  • Mississippi State +1800
  • Ole Miss +2500
  • Arkansas +10000