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Kentucky Dad Podcast with Mike Rutherford

The founder and manager of Card Chronicle joins the show.

The first University of Louisville-centric guest joined the Kentucky Dad Pod this week. Before you freak out, he’s one of the good guys.

Mike Rutherford is the founder and manager of Card Chronicle, which similarly to A Sea of Blue, is an SB Nation’s affiliate. It’s actually one of the longest running sites on the SB Nation platform dating all the way back to 2006. Mike also has a history of hosting popular drive-time radio shows in the Louisville area.

To put it in easy to understand terms — he’s kind of a big deal among Cardinal fans.

Not only that, Mike is widely respected around the Commonwealth for doing things the right way and being a strongly rooted in a foundation of integrity. To land my point further, a lot of people in the media don’t like each other, it’s true, but I’ve found that most everyone likes Mike.

But to be honest, the main reason that I’ve been interested in getting him on the show is simple — he makes me laugh. One of the more creative things I’ve ever read came ahead of UL’s big football home opener against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish back in 2019. Mike had one hilarious take on the dad from the famous movie “Rudy.”

The fatherly correlation in an iconic sports movie is right up the Kentucky Dad Pod’s alley.

I’d encourage you to read it for a good laugh.

Mike definitively doesn’t shy away from his role as a family man, in fact, he’s probably one of the more visible media dads on Twitter. If you follow him (@CardChronicle) then you’ve definitely seen pictures of his family and heard about some of the shenanigans taking place in the Rutherford household.

He has an 11-month-old daughter, Virginia, that keeps him busy every single day. There was some great stories shared around the decision to name her Virginia and Mike’s prowess to fraud simpletons on social media.

This was a fun show to record, Mike really brought the heat with his ad joke, make sure you check it out!

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