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Big Ten may now only delay season; Big 12 “the linchpin” to fall football?

After all hope seemed lost, hope still remains.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 11 Big Ten Tournament - Michigan v Rutgers Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Sunday, it looked like college football had finally reached its dreaded doomsday.

After news came that the Big Ten was cancelling fall sports, it looked inevitable that the remaining conferences would follow suit, ending the 2020 college football season before it began.

That may still happen, but seeing how adamant college players, coaches, and even ADs were about wanting to play, it feels like such a decision was being made far too early.

And now, it looks like the Big Ten may be changing course because of it.

Sports Illustrated Ross Dellenger reports that the Big Ten may now only delay its season, something other leagues like the SEC have already done.

But while all of the focus has been on the Big Ten, it’s the Big 12 that may prove to be the deciding vote, as Dellenger and Pat Forde wrote at SI.

One industry source called the Big 12 the “linchpin,” and multiple administrators describe the conference as “split” on a decision. “I think the dialog can swing it one way or another,” a conference source said. A separate league source described the split thusly: “a small group that absolutely wants to postpone the season; a small group that absolutely wants to play; and a majority group that is right in between, saying we don’t have to decide right now.” ADs and presidents are expected to meet on a joint call Tuesday evening, sources tell SI, where a vote is expected on whether to cancel, proceed or delay the fall season.

So to recap, the Mountain West and Mid-American Conferences have postponed their fall seasons, the SEC and ACC are pushing forward, and the Sun Belt, AAC and Conference USA are even planning to have a season, while the Big Ten plans to at least delay its season, and the Big 12 is on the fence.

It’s clear we still have a long way to go before there can possibly be college football games. But there’s still hope.

And right now, hope is a lot.