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New affidavit claims Zion Williamson was paid $400,000 before playing at Duke

Williamson is dealing with an investigation into whether he or his family received improper benefits while at Duke.

New Orleans Pelicans v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Zion Williamson is still in a messy legal battle with Gina Ford, and it just took another bad turn for the former Duke star.

In the federal case between Williamson and his former marketing agent, Ford has brought out new evidence in the form of a 38-page affidavit that alleges Williamson and his stepfather accepted $400,000 in exchange for exclusive marketing rights with Canadian company Maximum Management Group.

Legal analyst Daniel Wallach acquired the affidavit, as well as Williamson’s alleged signature from October of 2018.

However, Wallach reports that the evidence may have emerged too late to be used in this case.

For a recap, Williamson’s former agent, Gina Ford, is suing him for breach of contract and claiming that he received impermissible benefits to play at Duke. Ford also wants Williamson’s mother and step-father to answer questions about the house they lived in, in Durham, along with money and a potential car that he may have received while at Duke.

However, Wallach reported last month that Williamson would not have to answer questions of alleged wrongdoing in court after getting a stay in the case.

Who knows what this new revelation will bring, but it’s becoming evident that UK may have dodged a bullet when they missed out on Williamson.