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UK changes plan for testing student-athletes for coronavirus

The football team is now undergoing testing for the coronavirus.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

The University of Kentucky is reportedly changing course on its plan to test student-athletes for the coronavirus.

To this point, the school has been testing football players for only coronavirus antibodies, while the men’s basketball team was getting tested for the actual virus twice per week.

But now, Kentucky Sports Radio reports that the school will now be testing all athletes for the virus, and the football team is going through their first round of testing this week.

This is how it should have been all along, as UK was previously only testing the football team for the actual coronavirus with returning athletes who were symptomatic or known to have been in contact with someone who has tested positive.

This method was highlighted by The Washington Post as part of a report detailing variations in testing procedures across college football as schools reopen for voluntary workouts, which are now being suspended by several schools due to outbreaks of the virus. The most recent instances were North Carolina and Ohio State both suspending workouts today.

Now that the school is testing for the actual virus, don’t be surprised if we see a large number of cases pop up in the coming days.