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Ivy League cancels fall sports for 2020

The Ivy League has canceled fall sports for 2020, including football.

Yale v Harvard Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The Ivy League has officially canceled all fall sports for the 2020 season, according to Jon Rothstein.

Rothstein says that due to the cancelation of fall sports, the conference will not entertain any thought of playing games until after January 1st, 2021. In short, it’s looking like spring football for the Ive League.

Winter sports, such as basketball, will have an update in week or so on practice schedules.

Will the power conferences follow suit?

If you’ll remember way back in early March, the Ivy League was the first conference to cancel their conference tournament due to the coronavirus pandemic, setting the wave for the power conferences to eventually follow suit and do the same.

With the cancelation of fall sports, and most importantly football, will the bigger conferences make the same decision that the Ivy League has made? The Ivy League was right in canceling their basketball tournament, and they could very well be right for canceling their fall sports seasons.

The United States seems to be trending away from the rest of the world in their response to coronavirus and college sports, and even having in-person class this fall, seems extremely unsafe at the very moment.

Spring football, if we see a dramatic decrease in cases, would not be the worst thing in the world and at least we get to have a season than a full-on cancelation of college football. That seems to be where we are headed currently, and that is also my personal preference just based on statistics and a huge uptick in cases.

The power conferences will have a decision to make very soon.