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UK has talked with WKU about series; Hilltoppers want a charity game

Western Kentucky vs. Kentucky for charity? Who says no?

NCAA Basketball: NIT-Utah vs Western Kentucky Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Upon the release of both the UAB and Marshall games today by Kentucky basketball, both of whom are C-USA programs, another C-USA program wants in on the action and they’re only about a three-hour drive from Lexington.

The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers laid down the challenge for the UK basketball program to play them, and in return, the Hilltoppers would donate their check to charity to help the state of Kentucky in the time of crisis we’re in.

Now, a UK spokesman has told KSR that the two schools have discussed playing each other in the future, but it won’t happen next season.

“Our nonconference schedule is complete for this upcoming season but we will continue to discuss scheduling opportunities with WKU for future seasons,” the UK spokesman told KSR.

1.) I am all for this. Kentucky has not played Western Kentucky since the 2012 NCAA tournament and it would be good to see the Hilltoppers come to Rupp. Kentucky has played the likes of Morehead State, Eastern Kentucky, Kentucky State, and Georgetown over the past few seasons, so why not add WKU?

2.) I am not sure if it would happen this season if the Hilltoppers want a regular season game. Kentucky only has one spot left to fill in their non-conference slate and they have yet to schedule their game against Louisville for the upcoming season.

It’s entirely possible that the two could play a televised exhibition game for charity, but Kentucky seems to not have any more room left in the non-conference portion of their schedule for Western, as they still have to schedule Louisville and their Big-12/SEC opponent.

I hope the game does happen, however. Kentucky hasn’t met the Hilltoppers in the regular season since the infamous 2001 Patrick Sparks game and we need to avenge that loss.