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2 members of the Louisville basketball program test positive for coronavirus; team suspends activities

Two UofL members have tested positive for coronavirus, haulting basketball workouts.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Des Moines Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Two members of the Louisville Cardinals basketball program have tested positive for COVID-19, according to Card Chronicles’ Mike Rutherford.

Because of the positive tests, Louisville has suspended all voluntary basketball activities for two weeks, presumably for a two-week quarantine.

This has been the long-standing issue and question for whether we have collegiate athletics this fall. If players or any staff test positive for COVID-19 during the season, they must have a mandatory quarantine and at that point, do they forfeit any games they miss?

If you’re asking me, the more players and coaches in football and basketball that test positive for coronavirus, the less likely it is that we have college sports in the fall, and I would be surprised if we have any sort of fans in attendance with the current rate America is going with the virus.

It is unfortunate, as no one wants anybody to catch this horrible virus, and I wish all the best for the members of the program that have it.

Everyone stay safe.