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NCAA leaders discuss starting basketball season early

Could college hoops arrive sooner than expected this year?

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

We all know the questions the are circling around the start of the 2020 college football season, but other sports are also facing their own issues when it comes to issues with the coronavirus pandemic.

On the college basketball side of things, they are scheduled to play all throughout the winter. However, many schools are moving up their winter break, which could lead to basketball season taking a pause as well.

College Football Talk reporter Bryan Fischer reported that the NCAA leaders are discussing the possibility of starting the college basketball season earlier than normal in order to work a winter break into the schedule.

Adam Spencer of Saturday Down South noted that a big question around this potential plan, “include whether it would make sense to have players leave campus to go back home, where they could potentially contract COVID-19.”

The NCAA has put together a team of medical experts that will be debating that glaring question as well as many other questions concerning the start of basketball season over the coming weeks.

As for the Kentucky Wildcats, they are currently set to open their 2020-21 season vs. the Kansas Jayhawks in the Champions Classic on Nov. 10. If the season opens two weeks earlier, it would be ideal if those feature lesser non-conference games so Kentucky can get more of a tune-up before facing what should be a top-10 Jayhawks squad.

Would you like to see the season start two weeks early? Let us know in the comments section!