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UK involved in latest odds to land Bronny James

Oddsmakers think that Bronny James will attend an HBCU when the time comes, but Kentucky is still listed as an option.

Chipotle Clash Of Champions - Sierra Canyon v Minnehana Academy Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

After the commitment of Makur Maker to Howard this week, the appeal of highly-ranked African American athletes attending HBCU’s is at an all-time high.

That goes for the son of the greatest basketball player of all-time, Bronny James. Oddsmakers seem to think the son of LeBron James will attend an HBCU when his time comes.

Three of the top four schools with the best odds to land Bronny James are HBCU’s and then Bronny’s favorite school, Duke, is thrown in there as well.

Makur Maker said he wanted to start the trend of African American athletes attending HBCU’s, and it really look like he might just do that to a certain extent.

Top-three player in the class of 2023, Mikey Williams, has also said that “attending an HBCU wouldn’t be so bad.”

I like the trend of African-American athletes going the HBCU route. It gives smaller schools a chance to have their moment all while landing one of the better high school players in the country. It will be interesting to see if any top 2021 prospects choose the HBCU route this upcoming season to further Makur Maker’s dream of setting the example of going to an HBCU.