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Kentucky Dad Podcast with Randall Young

Landon Young’s father drops by to discuss raising his superstar offensive lineman

Marcus Dorsey

The Kentucky Dad Podcast welcomed the proud father of a University of Kentucky football player on the show this week.

Landon Young’s father, Randall Young, joined me to discuss his son’s accomplishments, both on and off the field. He also provided some excellent parenting advice along the way.

Most UK football fans already have an idea of just what an incredible person Landon Young is — his trophy case for off the field accomplishments is just as big, if not bigger, than his trophy case for on the field accomplishments. I knew of several awards that Landon had been given, but after some research, the list was far longer than I realized.

Here are just a few of the honors that have been given to Landon Young for his efforts as a leader in the community:

  • Named to SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll
  • Named captain of the 2019 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team®, an annual award given to college football players for the impact they make off the field. First team captain in school history. One of just 11 FBS players chosen on the team. UK’s 15th overall player named to the prestigious team
  • Named to the SEC Community Service Team
  • Inducted into the Frank G. Ham Society of Character which honors Wildcats who have shown an extraordinary commitment to academic excellence, athletic participation, personal development, career preparation and serving as a role model

Randall Young had a similar response each time I offered him praise for the wonderful job that he did raising such a thoughtful son.

His response always centered around gratitude to the Lord above and the Young family’s passion to walk by faith. The theme of trusting God and being respectful to others was prominent throughout our conversation. The selflessness of the entire Young Family can be seen through all of the inspirational things that Landon has done during his time at the University of Kentucky.

Landon being selected as UK’s first ever team Captain of the All-State Good Works Team is a major deal that will be remembered forever.

I asked Randall about his son being a vocal leader during the recent UK football team march supporting Black Lives Matter, and he immediately stated he was proud of his son. Randall went on to say that Landon was raised to not see color but to respect all people regardless of the color of their skin.

We both agreed that it was extremely impactful for a man like his son, who spent much of his life on a farm in rural Kentucky, to be a vocal supporter of his African-American teammates.

The idea of Landon playing in the National Football League has to be something that the entire family is excited for. Although there is unfinished business at Kentucky, they all understand that the next step is professional football and are thrilled to be a part of the journey. Randall admitted that he never in a million years imagined football would take his son to the places it has. Out of all of the local football talent that attempted to come to UK and change the culture, it was guys like Landon that actually turned it into a reality.

Even though this is the Dad Podcast much love and appreciation was shared for Landon’s mother, Angela, who has also been a terrific role model to her son.

Landon just married last month, so I tried to align my dad joke to that. It’s a good one!

I can honestly say that after to speaking to Randall Young, I felt inspired to be a better husband and father. The approach that he takes to raising his son and living life is one of commendable honor.

It is no secret why Landon has achieved all of his success and there will be no family more deserving of the blessings that have yet to come.

Here are the topics we covered:

  • TV Dads - Friday Night Lights and Tim “The Toolman” Taylor
  • Why Landon chose UK
  • Coaches of Character at Kentucky
  • Optimism with COVID-19
  • Landon’s incredible off the field accomplishments
  • Standing up for racial inequality
  • Growing up on a farm
  • NFL Future
  • Dad Jokes!

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