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John Calipari and Mark Stoops among the top-25 highest paid head coaches in the country

Calipari and Stoops are rolling in the dough.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky Wildcats head coaches John Calipari and Mark Stoops are among the top-25 highest paid college coaches in America, as released by USA Today.

Among College basketball coaches, Calipari comes in at No. 1 overall with a salary of $8.1 million coming off the heels of his newly signed “lifetime contract,” that was agreed to back in 2019.

Calipari also only has a max bonus of $50,000, but has a staggering $60 million buyout in case Kentucky ever wants to get rid of him.

Calipari has the best job in America, in case you didn’t know.

Mark Stoops may also have the best job in America. He comes in as the 24th highest paid college coach in America, making $4.75 million per year. Stoops also has a max bonus of $2.75 million and earned $1.05 million of those potential bonuses in 2018-19.

Stoops also gets an extra year added on to his contract for seven wins in a season, and every win after, also extending his buyout. Stoops’s buyout currently is $22.7 million.

Combined, Kentucky paid their two coaches a total of $12.921 million and is one of three schools with both of their coaches in the top-20 along with Auburn (Gus Malzahn, Bruce Pearl) and TCU (Gary Patterson, Jamie Dixon.)

It pays to be successful at the University of Kentucky.