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Kentucky Basketball players heading home for a 1-week break

The Cats are taking a break before fall classes begin.

UK Athletics

The Kentucky Wildcats have been hard at work over the last month as they prepare for the upcoming hoops season.

Now, they’ll be getting a one-week break to return home, according to KSR’s Jack Pilgrim.

Seeing as how the players are planning to return next weekend, I wouldn’t read anything into this being something other than just a break for players to see their families (Pilgrim has since reiterated this). If it were related to the coronavirus, they’d probably stay away for more than a week.

With classes set to start at UK in a few weeks, this may be the final time the players get to go home and be with their families until fall break in November. I’d imagine schools will want to keep players pretty isolated once classes start and fall camp begins to prevent outbreaks of the virus from happening within their teams, especially after what we’ve seen transpire in the MLB this week.

Hopefully, the players get a much-needed break and return safely to campus next weekend as the grind of athletics and classwork begins.

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