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Kentucky Dad Podcast with Kalen Harris

The co-host of the Kat Scan Podcast and long time high school basketball coach joins the show 

The Harris Family

Kalen Harris of The Kat Scan Podcast joined me for Episode 12 of the Kentucky Dad Podcast.

Kalen is somebody that I admittedly do not know much about. I’ve previously been a guest on his podcast but we’ve never met in person, so I was excited to peel back the layers a little bit and find out some more about him.

I quickly learned that Kalen has an impressive high school basketball coaching resume that dates back over 20 years. He even coached Tubby Smith’s son, Brian, who went on to play at Ole Miss.

As you can imagine, he’s had some access to the program in the Tubby years and beyond. He shared his passion for helping kids succeed and what inspired him to become a coach at just 19 years old.

Since Kalen grew up in Prestonburg, we had to give a shout out to Ale 8 and the boys from Sundy Best.

I genuinely appreciate Kalen for the pre-work effort he put in preparing for his debut on the Kentucky Dad Podcast. He came with a well thought out top five TV Dad list. It was evident he put some real thought into his choices.

As far as his family goes, Kalen is blessed with a terrific wife and two beautiful girls. He and his wife Angie are the proud parents to Annaleigh Grace, who is five years old, and Maren Rose, who is 16 months old.

Here are some topics we hit:

  • Jack Arnold intro!
  • Kalen details his personal background and coaching history
  • An impressive top five TV Dad monologue
  • Ale 8 and Sundy Best
  • Coaching Saul Smith
  • Will football return?
  • Father figures and life lessons
  • Shameful Dad jokes

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