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COVID-19 hits Kevin Knox close to home

Knox revealed that the virus has taken people close to him.

Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

We should all be keeping former Kentucky Wildcats star and current New York Knicks forward Kevin Knox’s family in our prayers, as coronavirus has hit his family close to home.

Knox announced that his mother lost an aunt, and his father lost a close friend, both to COVID-19 this week. He also asked that we all stay safe and help protect others.

This isn’t the first Wildcat to be affected by coronavirus, as well as know that Karl-Anthony Towns tragically lost his mother Jackie earlier this year to coronavirus, in one of the more heartbreaking moments this year.

This also comes just a day after Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. went on Instagram and said that COVID-19 was a form “population control” by the government, something the NBA commissioner said was “unfortunate.”

People, please be safe out there. Wear a mask, and check your sources. Please keep Knox’s family in your prayers during their difficult time.