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3 Wildcats earn preseason All-SEC honors

Somehow all three still feel “underrated.” released their 74th SEC report last Sunday. On it, there were three Kentucky Wildcats selected to their All-SEC First Team.

Darian Kinnard, Drake Jackson and Max Duffy all still somehow feel underrated, but nonetheless received the high honors. Kentucky had the second-most All-SEC selections, second to only the Alabama Crimson Tide (4).

The three Wildcats are certainly NFL prospects and will play an essential part in how Kentucky finishes their 2020 season. Of course, quarterback Terry Wilson will have a lot riding on his shoulders. But Jackson is the only other player who touches the ball as much as Wilson, Kinnard is protecting the dual-threat QB and Duffy will lead the charge in flipping the field.

Mentioning how Kentucky’s 2020 season could play out, also released a rated poll on preseason SEC standings.

Alabama, Georgia, LSU and Florida rounded out the first four spots. Then followed Auburn, Texas A&M, Tennessee and South Carolina. With Kentucky sitting ninth, it just didn’t make much sense.

The Wildcats indeed have lost key pieces on both sides of the ball to the last two off-seasons, but they still have an abundance of high-quality, young talent with a mix of reliable veteran players.