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NBA close to authorizing second bubble for the “Delete Eight”

This scenario will be set in Chicago, not Orlando.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at New Orleans Pelicans Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA has already authorized one restart for 22 teams. Those 22 teams were picked as the only ones that could make a case for playoff contention. They’ll play eight games each then start the postseason.

However, another scenario is seeking the league’s approval. A second bubble that takes place in Chicago, not Orlando, and would include the eight teams dubbed the “Delete Eight” is gaining momentum.

Those teams would include the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, two teams that have met in the NBA Finals several times over the last few seasons.

The Karl-Anthony Towns-led Wolves would also be one of the eight in attendance, so Kentucky Wildcats fans would get another look at several fan favorites before the season officially ends if this is approved.

With minicamps and regulation games, there are still several question marks around how the league would keep these teams safe, but to be fair, many are skeptical of all the league is already doing for the Orlando restart.

According to Yahoo’s Chris Cwik, seven of the eight teams looking to return were recently on a call to hammer out more details on what said restart may look like. This was seemingly the result.

There isn’t much purpose for this second bubble, but with the teams feeling unjustly treated and potentially lacking in the chemistry that could be created for the young rosters, it makes sense the league would do their best to fulfill the teams request.

I’m sure the league would try to recoup some of the cost and televise the games, but only the diehard fans for those teams are going to watch two below-average teams hash it out in a completely meaningless event.