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Quinton Bohanna badly wants there to be a 2020 season

“All of us want to play, no matter what”

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

As it currently stands, there are still a lot of questions concerning the 2020 college football season and if it will even be played at all.

One thing is for certain. The fans want to have a season, and so do the players.

Kentucky nose guard Quinton Bohanna went on the “Behind Kentucky Football” podcast to talk about the thought of not having a season and wanting to get on the field.

“All of us want to play, no matter what,” Bohanna stated. “Whatever we got to do to put everything in the right direction or take stuff towards getting back on the field September 3rd. or whenever it is, we’re going to do it.

“Whatever Coach Stoops, Gabe (Amponsah, the head trainer) or athletic trainers have us do, everybody going to take it. We’re going to keep masks on. Social distance. The steps we gotta take to get to playing, we’re doing that. We want to play.”

“The thought of not having it is driving us to do the right things to get back on the field.”

The team has been able to get back on the field for a walk-through process over a 14-day period, but preseason practice isn’t scheduled to begin until August 3rd.

“It feels good. It gives us a sense of, it’s like a small, little thing that’s closer to getting back to normal. We’re hoping we get everything back right,” Bohanna said. “It’s fun to be back around just to get that feel on the grass, it’s fun.”

As for what we should expect to see on the field, Bohanna has a lot of hype around him heading into his senior season. He was selected as a second-team All-SEC selection by Phil Steele, but he knows the entire defensive line is filled with elite players.

“We’re very confident. We feel like we have one of the best d-line groups in the conference, and we know that we gotta go out and prove it instead of just saying it. We’ve got older guys with a mix of young guys.

“All our freshman came in and they’re very capable of coming in and contributing. We’re excited. We look good. When you look at us, you’d be like ‘that’s a SEC defensive line.’ We got Coach Stew (Anwar Stewart) bringing the energy, so we’re excited to get on the field.”

The defensive line has been able to benefit drastically from going head to head with one of the best if not the best offensive line in the SEC each and every day in practice. Seeing the success they have against that unit does nothing but build a ton of confidence.

Bohanna had much more to say in the 15 minutes he spent on the podcast and you can give the entire interview a listen here.