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NCAA live recruiting periods and open gyms unlikely in September

Not the best news for sports, especially for recruiting.

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With the second wave of COVID-19 in effect, and a lot governors enforcing precautions across the country, the collegiate and high school sports world is yet again in a state of unknown.

The latest development we’re seeing is the NCAA potentially not allowing live recruiting periods or open gyms in September, reported by Zagsblog.

“It doesn’t look good,” the source said.

The president of the National Association of Basketball coaches, TCU coach Jamie Dixon, is also concerned over the health issues live recruiting periods, open gyms and even fall leagues create.

“Health and safety are first and foremost,” Dixon said Wednesday by phone. “We want the kids, especially the Class of ’21, the opportunity to be seen by college coaches. They have worked their whole lives for this chance to play in college, but we can’t and will not put players, families and coaches at risk.

The health of everyone has to come first. However, it would be tough to see the ‘21 class miss out on opportunities like these to show coaches what they can do.

“Regarding high school fall and spring leagues, we want event operators to be included in fall and spring leagues if they are interested and needed. The event operators have the knowledge time and experience to organize these leagues.”

A lot of high school leagues will more than likely follow whatever the NCAA and its schools decide to do with College Sports.

Again, a lot of this is up in the air. The only thing we can do right now is follow the CDC guidelines, remain educated on the virus and hope for the best.