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Greg Sankey says football in the spring likely not an option

The SEC Commissioner said he doesn’t believe moving football to the spring is a realistic solution.

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 19 Arkansas at Mississippi State Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As speculation, hope, and pessimism all run rampant in regards to the college football season, we started to get a better look last night at what the SEC is planning.

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said on ESPN last night that he didn’t believe it would be realistic to move football to the spring.

“Here’s the problem I see with the spring right now,” Sankey told College Football Live. “We’ve kept that on the list of alternatives, but I’ve not had the explanation of how we’ll be assured some reality, come spring, that will be better than the fall.”

Sankey’s position is that there’s no guarantee that the virus will be under control and we’ll be in better shape in the spring than we are right now.

“In fact,” Sankey continued, “as you look at cold and flu season which people have talked about, the deeper you go, the more problematic that can be. And we’re all in this world of unpredictability, we are building the bridge as we cross the river, and writing the instructional manual as we do so.”

While some might view this as bad news because it means if football doesn’t work out in the fall, then there’s no alternative, I actually think this is good news. It seems the SEC is determined to have their season played in the fall.

Sankey specifically noted other conferences either considering moving to the spring, or have already done so, and said that while they have alternative plans in the place, they expect to play football in the coming months.

Hopefully, other conferences will follow suit and the Kentucky Wildcats can really show the country just how good they are this season.