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John Calipari raves about Wildcats’ talent and character

The 2020 edition of the Kentucky Basketball team has all the potential in the world.

A Sea of Blue

There have only been a handful of when John Calipari has been extremely giddy about his upcoming team. 2012 and 2015 stick out to many. But now, we can probably add the 2020 squad to that list.

In an interview with Andy Katz, Calipari revealed just how excited he is about this season and how there has to be a college basketball season.

“We’ve got to play, because I have a really good team,” Cal stated. “Again, we’ve got to [help] make them a good team. We’ve got a great group of players who are great kids. They’re wired and driven. They’re here to sacrifice and share.

“None of them came here saying they’re going to be ‘the man,’ like, ‘You’re going to give me all the shots.’ There wasn’t...’We’re playing through you’ or ‘We’re gonna run [everything] for you.’ That’s not what it is.”

“This group, aside from being givers, sharers, servant leaders at a young age, they’re really talented. Like really talented.”

You can just read the excerpts and tell that Coach Cal is on another of level of excitement as compared to the past few seasons’ teams. Kentucky should be one of the best teams in the country just based on pure skill and talent level alone.

And if Olivier Sarr is deemed eligible, then Kentucky is once again a contender to make it back to the Final Four.