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Assistant coach Jon Sumrall considered to be a rising star

The inside linebacker coach received some recent praise

UK Athletics

The recent success of Kentucky football has placed a spotlight on the people that are responsible for the complete transformation.

For decades, advancing their position in the SEC was seemingly an impossible task for the Wildcat program as a whole. Mark Stoops and company have considerably changed that, and folks around the nation are starting to take notice.

Jon Sumrall, UK’s insider linebacker coach, is a name that recently received praise from some influential people in the world of football.

Matt Zenitz of sought feedback from over 20 individuals both in the collegiate and professional ranks in regards to who they believe are the top assistant coaches in the Southeastern Conference under 40 years old.

Despite just joining the staff in 2019, Jon Sumrall joined some good company by having his name mentioned on the list.

This shouldn’t be a huge surprise when you consider the amount of talent that UK has put on the field at the linebacker position. The development of some of these players has been beyond impressive and it is major reason why the Cats have taken a gigantic leap over the past few seasons.

Development is great, but getting top rated talent into the program is equally as important. Sumrall also brings the recruiting element to his resume which is highly appealing.

In the article, Zenitz made it very clear that Sumrall is expected to be a head coach candidate before too long.

With the change in culture that’s resulted in building an SEC east contender you can count on more pressure to retain assistant coaches. It’s just a welcomed ripple effect of winning football games. This year Kentucky will have several impact players at the linebacker position including DeAndre Square and red-shirt freshman J.J. Weaver.

You can read Zenitz article and see who the other coaches mentioned were by clicking the link below.