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Former Wildcats have high expectations for Keion Brooks

Can he make a jump that will propel Kentucky to the next level?

Keion Brooks Jeremy Chisenhall - Sea of Blue

Keion Brooks emerged late in the 2019-2020 season as a potential star. He was finding his groove at just the right time and contributing in a big way. Looking ahead to next season, he will be the most experienced player on the roster that suited up for Kentucky last year. What can we expect from Brooks’ sophomore campaign?

Go Big Blue Country talked to a few players from the 2019-2020 Kentucky Wildcats and asked what they thought about Brooks’ potential in a second season in Lexington.

Things really started to click for him, and he’s a dangerous player because he can do everything.

“He can post, he can play on the perimeter, he can guard,” Nate Sestina said. “He can guard big guys. He was guarding Nick in practice, and Nick is fifty pounds heavier than him. He put on some weight too, so he’s feeling good. He’s going to have an unbelievable sophomore season.”

“You’re about to see something different,” Nick Richards told Go Big Blue Country. “Keion is actually a really talented player. He didn’t really get to show his entire game as a freshman, but I think this season, you will see a totally different side of him.”

Richards would know, as he is one of the rare three year players in Lexington that stuck around and developed to get closer to his potential. Brooks is trusting the process and plans to do what it takes to take the Wildcats, and himself, to the next level.

Tyrese Maxey called Brooks “a player every team should be worried about,” and that sentiment was echoed by John Calipari in response to Brooks’ announcement to return.

“This season was great for him,” Coach Cal said. “He learned about himself, he learned about the game, and he learned about what it takes to be special. And let me say this: I truly believe Keion Brooks is going to be special.”

If college basketball happens in 2020-2021, it is safe to say that Keion Brooks will be a big part of the plan in Lexington. And if he meets the expectations of his former teammates, Kentucky opponents are in for a real challenge.

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