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Maxwell Hairston calls UK a dream school

The three-star cornerback seems very interested in playing for the Cats


Mark Stoops and his staff are continuing their assault on Midwest football recruiting scene. For years, it was considered a fact that in order to win in the SEC, you had to land players in bunches from the south.

After Stoops took over, he immediately began building a pipeline north of the Commonwealth. It took some time but obviously has paid off in big-time fashion.

Now, another talented player from up north seems smitten with the idea of playing for the Kentucky Wildcats. This time, it’s a three-star cornerback from the suburbs of Detroit (MI).

Earlier this week, Steve Clinkscale extended a scholarship off to Maxwell Hairston, and he clearly seems to be entertaining the idea of playing in Lexington.

He recently described UK has a “dream school” in an interview with 247 Sports. The full quote is even more flattering for Mark Stoops program.

Kentucky has been a dream school of mine since I was young, this is huge,” he said.

Hairston had a lot of positive things to say and provided some specific updates to his recruitment. You can read the quotes in their entirety here.

It truly is amazing to think about the evolution of UK football over the last several years. When players from around the country are familiar with the Cats at an early age you know the tides have turned.

Hairston is a member of the class of 2021 and should have the opportunity to boost his stock even more assuming their is high school football games played in his home state. Michigan has already announced that they will not be allowing fans in the Big House if there is in fact college football this fall.

Things are going to move quickly with this one. Hairston mentioned that he is aiming to make a decision by his birthday, which is coming up fast, August 6th to be exact. He’s down to Washington State, Baylor, Florida State, Kansas, Cincinnati, Oregon and Oregon State but has plans to cut down to his final five schools before the final announcement.

Kentucky will very likely be in that top five.