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Wenyen Gabriel criticizes John Calipari

Gabriel even said Calipari cut him off after the Jaden McDaniels debacle.

Gabriel Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Former Kentucky Wildcats player, Wenyen Gabriel, made ruffles within the Kentucky fanbase last year when he sent a direct message to then UK recruit Jaden McDaniels about why he should not commit to Kentucky.

The message got leaked, and it apparently caused a riff between Gabriel, John Calipari, and the UK fanbase.

Fast forward to today and Gabriel is once again making headlines, this time on John Calipari’s birthday post to Bam Adebayo.

Gabriel posted the following comment on the post:

“Damn where was my [birthday] wish in March?”

Gabriel then followed up with more comments directed at fans:

“He first heard of the screenshot from me, they contacted me to ask if it was real and I immediately texted Cal months before any of y’all found out about it,” he said. “I tried to apologize but got no response. So here we are.”

I didn’t like playing for him in college,” Gabriel said in another comment. “Then he cut me off after the Jaden situation, so now it is what it is.”

“Before I came to Kentucky, I was a top 15 recruit. When I left I went undrafted…”

It seems the relationship between Gabriel and Calipari has reached Daniel Orton levels at this point. The Jaden McDaniels DM, and now bad-mouthing Calipari on his own Instagram post will not set well with Calipari.

It’s unfortunate that this situation has turned as sour as it has, since Gabriel did give us some good memories at UK.

Here’s hoping things good better sooner rather than later.

To see the whole interaction, view the comments on Calipari’s Instagram post here.

As Calipari says, Kentucky ain’t for everyone.

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