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Kentucky Dad Pod with Jamie Boggs

The longtime Sea of Blue writer talks about life with four kids

The Kentucky Dad Pod was excited to welcome one of our very own on the show as this week’s guest.

Jamie Boggs, who is a familiar face at A Sea of Blue, came on to detail his recent move into the world of radio and how his family is coping with the coronavirus.

There is no doubt that if you keep up with A Sea of Blue you’ve read some of his work. Jamie is one of our most tenured writers and does a great job keeping the Big Blue Nation informed on the latest happenings in Kentucky Athletics.

After 14 years in higher education, he somewhat recently took a huge leap of faith and followed his passion into the exciting world of radio.

He now hosts a morning show on WLFXFM (106.7) while also providing some holistic direction for the brand of the station. It’s been a monumental shift but in talking with him it’s abundantly clear that he made the right choice.

Even cooler than doing radio, Jamie has a couple of podcasts that he’s very proud of.

One is a very successful show that looks at crime mysteries. The True CrimeCast podcast is approaching a whopping three million downloads!

It doesn’t take long after meeting Jamie to get a sense of how much he enjoys dissecting these unsolved mysteries and putting his own spin on the unexplainable. I’m not a crime podcast guy, but after hearing him talk about it, I’m going to check some out myself.

When looking at who Jamie Boggs is as a person, the first thing that pops in my mind is the word “faith.”

The Boggs family has a deep foundation of serving God and implementing scripture from the Bible into their daily lives. He mentioned that with the extra family time that COVID-19 has provided it’s created opportunity for family bible studies and overall increased spiritual health.

I was blown away to learn that his family has organized a non-profit organization that has exceed their wildest dreams. Grace’s Closet started out inside their church as a literal tiny closet that provided clothes to foster families who desperately need support. As foster parents themselves, the Boggs know just how important support from the community can be.

Since its inception Grace’s Closet has evolved into a much larger operation that even has a physical store front. Items include clothes, cribs and other basic necessities. The impact on the has been profound.

Now, finally a little bit about his family!

Jamie has four kids total ranging in ages from 11 to 7 years old.

His oldest, Gavin, is 11 years old, then Avery Anne is 9, followed by Luke who is 7, and lastly, the youngest, Grace, is 6.

Jamie and his wife, Angie, decided to welcome in two foster kids into their home. The story is quite remarkable, and I’d encourage you to listen to the podcast to hear the details of their journey.

I always have enjoyed my interactions with Jamie because the dude is funny and clever. He makes me laugh in a good-natured way.

Amazingly, he was my third guest in a row to list Tim “The Toolman” Taylor as his favorite TV Dad. (grunts)

It was pretty sweet that Jamie recently received a book of dad jokes as a gift. I had him reel off a few throughout the show. Full disclosure, like most fad jokes, they were terrible.

The last two episodes of the Kentucky Dad Pod have been truly inspiring. Both and Jamie Boggs and Randall Young are strong father figures who have centered their family around Christianity and serving God.

Jamie and I have some good chemistry on radio so I really enjoyed recording this one.

A few topics we hit:

  • Al Bundy Intro
  • Tim “The Toolman” Taylor strikes again
  • Jamie’s new radio gig
  • Starting a Non-Profit
  • The journey to become foster parents
  • Jamie’s book of Dad jokes

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