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John Calipari hopeful for college basketball season; pleads for people to wear a mask

Calipari is hopeful for a college season but urges people to wear their mask.

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With the college football season in serious jeopardy, there’s now growing concern if we’ll even see a college basketball season.

The good thing about basketball, however, is there’s significantly less people to worry about getting the virus. Hoops teams typically have around 30 players, coaches and staff members, which pales in comparison to the 150+ people involved in a college football team.

Still, at the rate the coronavirus is spreading, it’s easy to worry if we’ll see any sports for the rest of 2020.

In his virtual press conference today, John Calipari spoke on whether or not he thinks we have college basketball this upcoming season. Like most of us, he said he was not really sure if we would have it, but he said he is hopeful.

“My hope is that we tamp down this virus and we’re able to come back and play but if you’re asking me- and let me says this, my hope is pretty strong for basketball because I have a really good team and I want us to play basketball in the worst way and play in the NCAA tournament, and make a run but we’ve got to go with science and roll with what they’re telling us to do.”

Calipari also pleaded the public to wear a mask whenever they are indoors or in a crowded area. Cal said he takes his off to walk by himself outdoors or whenever he is distanced at the beach. In close proximity, he carries it around with him and puts it on.

If you just wear the mask, we could get sports back sooner rather than later. It’s simple, but we all have to commit to it for it to work.

Otherwise, we’re in real danger of not seeing any college sports for the rest of the year. That would be brutal to stomach, especially for UK in a year where it could have special seasons in football and basketball.

But more importantly, we need to wear masks to protect each other and help save lives.

Be sure to check out Calipari’s entire press conference:

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