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LOOK: NFL mouth shield could limit coronavirus exposure while playing

Hopefully this is a step towards a football season.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is working on a new mouth shield that will limit the spread of coronavirus.

This new development should give hope that a season is still salvageable after many college conferences have either push their season to potentially the spring or turned to a conference-only schedule.

As for the face shield itself, there would still be holes in the mask to allow players to breathe adequately. However, those holes would limit droplets that are supposedly a large part of the virus’ spread.

“The Oakley Prizm Lens Technology used by skiers, military personnel and, most recently, NFL players for enhanced color and contrast in their visors is featured in the new design. Plastic sheets extend down and attach to the face guard. There are airways and openings on the mouth shield but none that allow the direct transmission of droplets, according to the chair of the NFL’s engineering committee, Dr. Jeff Crandall,” ESPN’s Tim McManus wrote.

That said, without further ado, let’s take a look at what we may be seeing on the field next season.

It looks barely any different than the typical visor players wear. It has the extra pieces near the mouth to limit the spread. While they appear clear, there would be something there to caught the droplets.

With the virus still spreading like wildfire in the United States, there’s no telling if fans would be around to see it. Getting a season is the first step and then being able to have fans in attendance is a complete different issue.

However, this is, at the very least, a positive step to potentially having a season this fall, something millions will be looking forward to.