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High-ranking college official says “no one is playing football in the fall”

Additionally, a Power 5 coach said, “I think the season being canceled is a foregone conclusion.”

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Will we see a 2020 college football season?

It’s not looking good thanks to the recent surge of the coronavirus across America, which has cast serious doubt as to whether any football will be played this fall.

That’s what one high-ranking college official told Yahoo Sports’ Pete Thamel, who just put out a rather depressing article if you’re hoping for football this year.

“Ultimately, no one is playing football in the fall,” said a high-ranking college official. “It’s just a matter of how it unfolds. As soon one of the ‘autonomy five’ or Power 5 conferences makes a decision, that’s going to end it.”

“I hope I’m wrong, but I think the season being canceled is a foregone conclusion,” a Power 5 coach added.

As painful and sobering as the article is to read, the signs have been more and more prevalent in recent weeks that the 2020 season was in serious jeopardy.

Over the weekend, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said concern for the football season is “high to very high. We are running out of time to correct and get things right.”

All we can do now is do our best to social distance and wear a mask. Hopefully, it’s not too late if enough of America starts doing this, but we’re clearly getting close to the end if things don’t change in a hurry. Expect a final decision on the fall season to be announced later this month or in early August.

Be sure to read the entire Yahoo article for more insight into the dire situation college football is facing.