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More good transfer news for Olivier Sarr and Joey Gatewood

Another traditional transfer gets immediate eligibility.

Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats continue to wait on the NCAA to rule on two key athletes for the upcoming college football and hoops seasons.

Auburn transfer quarterback Joey Gatewood is waiting to hear if he’ll be granted immediate eligibility by the NCAA for the football team, as is Wake Forest transfer center Olivier Sarr for the basketball Cats.

Well, both just got some good news in the form of USC transfer quarterback JT Daniels who was just granted instant eligibility for next season for Georgia.

This is another good sign that the NCAA is being far more lenient with transfers this year in football and basketball.

Daniels, who will be a redshirt sophomore this fall, announced his transfer from USC on April 17th, then committed to Georgia on May 28th. That means it took about a month and a half before being ruled eligible, which has been the time frame for other transfers this summer.

Former Kentucky shooting guard Johnny Juzang transferred to UCLA over the summer, and it took about two months for the NCAA to declare he was eligible for next season.

Former Ohio State guard D.J. Carton transferred to Marquette, and he too learned he’d be eligible next season after about a two-month wait. So based on all of these cases, it could be any day now that we hear if Sarr and/or Gatewood will be eligible next season.

Daniels is also a California native and played high school football at Mater Dei. So instead of moving closer to home — the easiest way to get instant eligibility from the NCAA during the COVID-19 pandemic — he’s moving to the opposite end of the country, yet still got immediate eligibility.

That’s a very good sign for players like Gatewood and Sarr, neither of whom is moving closer to home by transferring to UK, nor do they have significant hardships that led to them leaving their previous school.