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All Kentucky Football players and staff test negative for COVID-19

Great to hear.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Last week, UK announced it was changing its testing policy with the football team for COVID-19. Previously, the school was only testing for COVID-19 antibodies, but they’ve since been testing for the actual virus, and the early results have been very positive.

According to Lewis Poore, the father of Kentucky kicker Chance Poore, 161 football players and staff members have been tested thus far, and there have been zero COVID-19 cases.

This is great news to hear, as many programs around the country are being forced to halt summer workouts due to outbreaks of the virus within their respective programs. Among the programs who’ve paused workouts include Ohio State, North Carolina, Houston, Kansas State, Arizona and Kansas.

It’s good to see UK’s plan for fighting the virus is paying off thus far. It’s also a sign of hope for other programs that this virus can be kept at bay, and maybe there can be a 2020 season after all.

Baby steps.