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Saturday Quickies: College Football Concern Edition

I’m starting to get the feeling that we will not see college football this fall.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 31 Belk Bowl - Virginia Tech v Kentucky Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This was not a good week for our hopes of the college football season being kicked off this fall. Rumors started flowing on Monday about a conference only season for football. Then on Thursday, the Big 10 caught everyone off guard as they announced that their teams would play a conference only schedule. The SEC and ACC commissioners were surprised at the sudden announcement.

John Swofford of the ACC stated that he will announce their plans at the end of the month while the SEC’s Greg Sankey had this to say to Marty Smith:

Statements like these don’t sway me towards optimism. It’s a shame that the Power 5, with the leadership of the NCAA, couldn’t get together and figure this thing out. Instead we have crickets from the NCAA and the Power 5 conferences seem content on doing their own thing.

I’m not surprised at the arrogance of the Big 10 in not consulting the other conferences of their decision. But I guess them ripping the Band-Aid off at least gives us a reality check.

Tweets of the Day

This just makes me sad


SEC football polls | Go Vols 247- This poll has the Kentucky Wildcats finishing fourth behind the Florida Gators, the Georgia Bulldogs, and the Tennessee Volunteers.

‘It won’t be fair’ if basketball recruit grows | Vaught’s Views- 2022 recruit Skyy Clark received a scholarship offer from John Calipari earlier this week. He may reclassify to 2021. And David Sisk says if Clark grows to 6’4, it won’t be fair to opponents.

Will Muschamp is running out of time | Saturday’s Down South- Mark Stoops and the rest of the Cats want Muschamp to stay right where he is.

NCAA basketball VP confident in season | CBS- While college football seemingly crumbles around us, the VP of basketball for the NCAA says he feels like they can play the entire season and be safe about it. But is this just wishful thinking as the NCAA is terrified of missing out on their cash cow for a second straight season?

Eagles penalize Desean Jackson for Anti-Semitic rhetoric | ESPN- Eagles wide receiver Desean Jackson was punished for ‘conduct detrimental to the team’ after posting quotes from Adolf Hitler about the Jewish people.

Power 5 decision leaves Group of 5 in limbo | The mid-major programs rely on playing the big guys in order to fund their athletic programs. No non-con play would gut dozens and dozens of these prorgrams.

Clemson asks fans about moving football season to spring | USA Today- Athletic departments are going to do everything they can to have a season because many programs would be in dire straights if football is not played. But moving the season to the spring would have big time consequences for college basketball.

Ja Morant takes jab at Disney bubble complainers | Sporting News- The probable rookie of the year says he’s not a ‘silverspoon guy’ as he takes a shot at those in the Disney bubble complaining about the size of their rooms and the food service. Good for him.